Chairman’s Message
Dear Friends and Colleagues,

It is my great pleasure to see you in the 5th World Congress on Infectious Diseases and Antibiotics 2024 to be held on 26th May 2024 Virtually by BioGenesis Health Cluster, Bangalore India. Infections, whether bacterial, viral, protozoal or fungal, have always been a source of patient suffering and a burden on society from health, financial and psychosocial perspectives. Antibiotics are fighting bacteria and rescuing lives since the 1940s. However, some bacterial strains have now become resistant to antibiotics, and they have gained strength and swapped tide for their benefit. Resistance to antibiotics and the growth of resistant strains brought into question modern medicine. Current research is trying to find solutions for the infectious diseases by defining preventive measures, developing diagnostics, and more effective therapy for existing infections. There are also some new challenges in the field of infectious diseases like population migration, they have a significant impact on the spread of infectious diseases. I'm glad to encourage different medical experts related to infectious diseases to come up, ask questions, discuss and make new collaborations. The participants, besides updating and discussing new trends in the management of infectious diseases, have a unique opportunity to create international research networks.

Thanks and Regards,

Padmashri Dr. Kodaganur S. Gopinath,
5th World Congress on Infectious Diseases & Antibiotics - 2024